CTRP Practical Pistol Programs

We hope to be adding video and scores in the near future to the web site. It may take a little while since I am not a website guru.

Our practical pistol match is a shoot and move type of match. You engage the paper targets with two rounds in each target and is scored according to where you hit and what caliber or class you are shooting. You can pull up any USPSA videos on the web and get a idea on what a stage consists of.  Again SAFETY is our number 1 priority.  


This is one of our regulars shooting a steel challenge stage. There is no movement required to speak for steel challenge and you can also shoot your 22 caliber pistol and rifle, if you are lucky enough to find or have ammo. This is a great shooting sport to start the young ones in, we are always looking to get the next generation started in the sport.

Next month we will have pictures of the IPSC match as long as the rain holds off.