IPSC Matches - 3rd Saturday of the month.

Registration starts at 9:15am and runs until 9:45am. Shooters meeting is 9:55am and hammer down at 10:00am.  

If you are new to the shooting sport we ask that you show up at 9am so that someone can go over the rules and the range commands with you so you are familiar with the safety rules we require. This is the same for IPSC and Steel Challenge.  Again, safety is our top priority.

CTRP Practical Pistol Programs

Our Address:

348 Range Road

China Spring, TX  

GPS 31 , 69 , 11 N

97 , 28 , 32 W

We will try to set up a video page to help new shooters understand each of the shooting sports.


 When you come to a match...

  • Please do not bring a loaded  gun for the match. 
  • Please leave all guns bagged unless you are at a safe table area, which are labeled.  Or under the direction of a Range Officer.
  • ​All guns are to remain unloaded during the match until you are under the direct supervision of a Range Officer and given the make ready command. 
  • Please ask questions if you are not familiar with the range rules during matches.

Welcome to Central Texas Rifle & Pistol club Practical Pistol programs, which consists of IPSC and Steel Challenge shooting sports. These programs are open to everyone, so bring the family. All skill sets are welcome, and no  membership is required with all CTRP matches.

Changes to Match Schedule/Inclement Weather/Unsafe Range Conditions - 

If there are any changes to the match schedule or unsafe muddy conditions, it will be posted on the website as early as possible for everyone's convenience.  Please remember family's are welcome to come watch their loved ones shoot,  we have plenty of shade trees for the cheering section.  Remember safety glasses and hearing protection for everyone at the range.

Next Steel Match  is Sunday, January 12 at 10am.  Check back for updates on range/weather conditions.  MerryChristmas & Happy New Year!

Steel Challenge Matches - 2nd Sunday of the month.​       

Registration starts at 9:15am and runs until 9:45am. Shooters meeting is at 9:55am and hammer down at 10:00am.  *Never a match in May due to Mother's Day. 

*Summer Matches*

(June - September)

Summer matches will have the same start time as the entire year at 10am. We will NOT change the summer matches time to 9am this year, 2019, as we have in past years. That means we would like to have everyone registered by 9:45am. Thanks!